CIPD Foundation Certificate Level 3 L&D Qualification

Course Title: CIPD Foundation Certificate Level 3 in L&D


Distance Learning

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Delivery Methods

Our Mixed Mode programmes bringing together the convenience of distance learning with one-to-one support from your personal adviser. Combining different delivery methods with the full range of available units, we offer a wide range of alternatives to choose from.

For a Foundation level you can achieve the Foundation Certificate, Foundation Diploma or individual Foundation level Awards.

There are three different delivery methods to match every one of the option. All are Mixed Mode but the combination of elements will vary depending on your experience, preferences and personal circumstances.

Active Learning

Our workshops enable candidates to plan their studies by giving guidance around required content and learning outcomes. They’re an excellent opportunity to network with peers, discuss ideas, and find new sources of information.


The most flexible route – tailored route consists of a combination of one-to-one meetings, directed learning and developmental exercises.

Our CIPD Level 3 Foundation L&D Qualifications are perfect for:

  • Aspiring to be in a key L&D support role
  • Working in the field of L&D in a support role and wanting to re-assess and develop your knowledge, skills and behaviours as an L&D practitioner
  • Working in the field of L&D and aim to develop your understanding of organisations and the organisational context of L&D
  • Interested in CPD to enhance and maintain your professional practice and membership

You can choose to study for a Foundation Certificate or Diploma following either an L&D or HR pathway. Or opt for an individual or cluster of Awards in a specific subject area to develop your knowledge.

We will support you with:

  • Free consultation before you commit to the programme.
  • Personally tailored programme plan with structured deadlines
  • Regular contact with a personal adviser, helping you to stay on track
  • Interim telephone and email support
  • Templates, resources and activity guidance informed by up to date professional practice
  • Flexible delivery to help you to balance other commitments
  • Practical skills development using real life activities to implement your learning and demonstrate competence
  • Structured activity add value to your organisation through the
  • Opportunity to network with other candidates and gain understanding of the wider contexts of HR

We were one of the first centres accredited to deliver these CIPD qualifications and our track record is impeccable. We are so confident that if you do not achieve your Foundation Qualification, having attended all sessions and completed all work on time that we will refund your course fee.

After completing this professionally recognised qualification you will be able to:

  • Enter or progress in the L&D profession
  • Demonstrate knowledge & understanding within key areas of L&D practice (such as delivering and evaluating L&D, coaching and mentoring, assessing learning & development, supporting collective and social learning and enhancing learner engagement)
  • Continue networking with other candidates
  • Apply to become an Associate member of the CIPD (Assoc CIPD), which is the first level of professional membership* Feedback collected from current candidates.


The following six core units must be completed to achieve the Foundation Certificate in L&D:

  • Becoming an effective L&D Practitioner (4 credits)
  • L&D and the organisation (4 credits)
  • Identifying L&D needs (3 credits)
  • Designing L&D activities (6 credits)
  • Delivering L&D activities (6 credits)
  • Evaluating L&D activities (3 credits)

To complete the Foundation Diploma in L&D you must then also complete a number of optional units from the range available.  The actual number will depend upon the number of credits allocated to the unit.  The total number of credits that you need is 26 for the Certificate and 38 for the Diploma.

Optional Units for Diploma in L&D

  • Using technology to facilitate learning (6 credits)
  • Enhancing learner engagement (6 credits)
  • Supporting collective and social learning (6 credits)
  • Supporting individual learning through coaching and mentoring (6 credits)
  • Assessing learning and development (6 credits)
  • Organising L&D events (6 credits)

Level 3 Foundation qualifications are on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).


Every one of our programmes is unique and you can start your way towards the qualification immediately. Request a call to book a consultation.


What academic level is a Foundation qualification?

The Foundation level certificates and diplomas are equivalent to ‘A’ Level

How much do the programmes cost?The programme fees are dependant upon the size of qualification you undertake (Award, Certificate or Diploma) and which delivery method you choose.

We offer candidates a free, no obligation consultation to determine the most suitable programme and delivery method before a final fee is quoted.

How long does it take to gain the qualification?

Timescales vary depending on which route you undertake and how much time you can commit to your study. As a general guide, a Certificate takes between 6 to 12 months.  Workshop based delivery has a timescale of 9 months.

How often will I need to attend meetings and/or workshops?

The individually tailored nature of our programmes means that, for one-to-one delivery, your meetings can be scheduled to suit your own circumstances and are not tied in to any formal timetable. The advisory meetings are about an hour in length.  Workshop programmes are usually delivered as one full day workshop each month for a period of 6 months.

What is the programme structure?

CIPD Foundation qualifications are made up of a series of units – each with a specific credit value. The size of qualification you complete is dependant upon how many credits you gain. For the Certificate and Diploma, there are a range of core units that must be completed and a series of optional units that you can choose from to round off your qualification.

Please enquire to receive the full list of units, their corresponding credit values and CIPD rules of combination. Our experienced and friendly advisers will be happy to help you in forming a personally tailored programme plan.

Can I build on my qualification once completed?

Credits can be carried forward to upgrade your qualification within the same level.  For example a candidate who has completed the Foundation Certificate can use those credits against the CIPD Foundation Diploma and simply undertake the remaining units necessary, although most candidates prefer to build on the confidence they have gained and commence an Intermediate or Advanced qualification.

What level of CIPD membership can I apply for on completion of my qualification?

On completion of a Foundation Certificate or Diploma, you are eligible to apply for Associate Member (Assoc CIPD) status of the CIPD.