Assessment Support Webinars

You can drop-in to two optional live Assessment Support Webinars every month led by our L&D specialists at lunchtime or late afternoon. You can choose the time of day that suits you. The webinars are specifically designed to address your learning gaps so provide a perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have in a small group setting, to fine tune and complete your assignment.

Assessment Support Webinars Schedule

Date 12.30 – 13.30 (AM) Date 16.30 – 17.30 (PM)
14th January 2020 3BEP and 3LDO 28th January 2020 3BEP and 3LDO
12th February 2020 3LDN and 3DES 25th February 2020 3LDN and 3DES
3rd March 2020 3BEP and 3LDO 25th March 2020 3DEL and 3ELD
6th April 2020 3DEL and 3ELD 22nd April 2020 3LDN and 3DES
5th May 2020 3BEP and 3LDO 20th May 2020 3DEL and 3ELD
15th June 2020 3LDN and 3DES 30th June 2020 3BEP and 3LDO