The 7 Second CV: How to Land the Interview HR Learning Bites with James Reed


Don’t worry if you missed our recent Learning Bites webinar on: The 7 Second CV: How to Land the Interview with James Reed, Chairman of Britain’s biggest and best known recruitment company. The good news is you can listen to a recording of the event whenever you want! The event, based on James Reed’s new book of the same name, provided lots of useful nuggets of advice on what employers want to see in the CVs they receive along with some insights on the current labour market.  Hear from one of the most renowned leaders in the industry:

  • How to spot a good CV so you don’t turn away a candidate by mistake who then ends up working for a competitor!
  • Why the UK labour market is changing and how to attract the best talent for your organisation.
  • How to guarantee a CV makes it to the top of the YES pile.

And much more…


About the Webinar

James Reed, Chairman of Britain’s biggest and best known recruitment company REED, heads the bill for Watson Martin’s new season of HR Learning Bites, a series of free online information and advice webinars for HR and L&D practitioners. The session was hosted by Watson Martin’s L&D expert Joseph Grech.

Did you know that it takes a recruiter just seven seconds to save or reject a job applicant’s CV – less time than it takes to cross the street or boil a kettle?  But don’t despair, this can also work to your advantage as long as you know how to make your CV stand out from the crowd.

To help provide the answers Watson Martin has invited industry giant James Reed to lead our next Learning Bites webinar. 

The session will go out live on Wednesday 1 May at 12.30 GMT.


Based on his recently published book of the same name, James Reed will explain exactly what employers want to see in the applications they receive along with the ‘Fatal Five’, the key mistakes that lead to CVs heading for the reject file. 

There will be valuable lessons to learn from an HR perspective too when he reinforces what we like and dislike about CVs and puts into words the intangible things that often get labelled as ‘gut feel’.

Missed the Webinar, Catch the Recording Now

“We are delighted that James Reed will be the expert speaker for the first webinar in our new series of HR Learning Bites,” said Watson Martin Director, Melanie Martin.

As Chairman of a global recruitment company, a regular commentator on work and labour market issues and a best-selling author, James will provide valuable insight on what employers want to see in the CVs they receive.

The key tactic, he tells us, is to ensure your CV grabs a recruiter’s attention within just seven seconds. In our sector, for example, where many HR jobs demand a professional qualification and CIPD membership as a basic requirement for gaining an interview, it is important to put that information right at the top of the CV.

Tips like this really do make the difference in a competitive job market and we are really looking forward to hearing more from James in the webinar,” Melanie added.

Melanie Martin

Melanie Martin

Director of Watson Martin

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