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About the Webinar

Do you want to become an HR or L&D apprentice so you can learn on the job and gain credibility to progress your career?

Are you an employer or people professional wanting to know how apprenticeships can benefit your business?

Whatever your reason, find out everything you need to know about apprenticeships in this free webinar in Watson Martin’s HR Learning Bites series.

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Topics under discussion during the session include:

HR and L&D apprenticeships including the newly launched Level 7 Senior People Professional programme.
How to establish a successful apprenticeship programme in your organisation.
The key benefits and challenges of apprenticeships for you and your organisation.
How your business can make the most of the apprenticeship levy.
Making Apprenticeships Work for You and Your Business FAQs Cover

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Emma Taylor is the Apprenticeship Manager at Watson Martin.  A Chartered MCIPD, Emma has worked across different industries in HR including hospitality, financial services and shipping services. She has also led apprenticeship programmes in Further Education.

Sharon White

Emma Taylor

Apprenticeships Adviser

Joseph Grech is a career coach and training consultant with Watson Martin who leads many of our L&D CIPD programmes.  His expertise lies in supporting and challenging people to get unstuck, achieve their goals and unlock their potential.  He has a wealth of experience in L&D across a range of industries globally.

Career Coach & Training Consultant

Joseph Grech

Career Coach & Training Consultant

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Making Apprenticeships Work for You and Your Business with apprenticeship experts Emma Taylor and Joseph Grech.

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