How to be an HR Influencer

About the Webinar

Join Ian Nicholas, Group Chief HR Officer with REED and one of the leading names in the business, to hear about his guide to career success in our first free HR Learning Bites webinar of 2020.

Having reached the pinnacle of his profession after 26 years, Ian has some useful and thought provoking advice on how to be an HR influencer and get ahead in your career.

Topics under discussion include:

  • How to be immersed as an integral part of your company
  • Why it’s good to connect work with life
  • How to give 100% focus to whatever you are doing
  • What is the purpose of your role?
  • Why there is no ‘i’ in team
  • How data can help you demonstrate the facts
  • Are you consistent in the decisions you make?

Download “My Guide to Success” by Ian Nicholas

About Our Experts

Ian Nicholas, Group Chief HR Officer, REED

Recently recognised by HR Magazine as a key HR influencer for his work on human capital management, Ian Nicholas says he approaches every job and challenge with enthusiasm, energy and an unwavering desire to do his best to help colleagues and his company achieve their goals. His results speak for themselves so don’t miss this opportunity to listen to Ian’s practical advice to help you make an impact in your organisation this coming year.

Joseph Grech, Career Coach & Training Consultant

The webinar will be hosted by L&D expert Joseph Grech, a career coach and training consultant with Watson Martin. Joseph specialises in Learning and Development and leads many of our L&D CIPD qualification programmes. He also has widespread experience working with senior management to execute and evaluate L&D strategies