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Welcome back to Watson Martin HR Learning Bites. In this special 40 minute webinar, we look at how best to support employees who might be struggling as we all face more weeks in some form of lockdown due to the pandemic.  We are delighted to have as our guest speaker Rachel Calder, Assistant Director of Learning and Development at Samaritans.

Every six seconds Samaritans answer a call for help from individuals but not everyone knows the organisation also provides bespoke training for hundreds of UK companies through courses such as Conversations with Vulnerable People, Managing Suicidal Conversations and Building Resilience and Wellbeing. In 2019 alone, Samaritans trained 7,262 external delegates.

After a year where we have seen increased anxiety, depression and loneliness among many employees, Rachel’s expert advice will help HR and L&D professionals to spot the danger signs and build resilience and wellbeing in the workplace.

Join Rachel Calder, Assistant Director of Learning and Development at Samaritans.

About the Webinar

We do not yet know what the full impact of COVID-19 will be on our economy, but we do know the pandemic is taking a major toll on our emotional health, particularly in the workplace.  Ongoing restrictions such as social distancing and self-isolation coupled with worries about job security, and financial concerns are placing severe pressures on workers.  Better insight into how to manage emotional health will help HR and L&D practitioners understand how best to approach the issues associated with COVID-19.

According to the CIPD, early research into the health impacts of lockdown revealed that more employees were reporting reduced motivation, loss of purpose, anxiety, and isolation. This could lead to long lasting effects ranging from irritability and anger to depression and post-traumatic stress symptoms. Raising awareness about the long term effects of the pandemic is important and this webinar is aimed at helping people practitioners identify and deal with such aspects.

It is well known that workers generally are not comfortable having conversations about their health and wellbeing.  Line managers too, often lack the skills to encourage team members to disclose their concerns and this webinar will provide tips for supporting managers when dealing with this.

Samaritans are experts in providing emotional support to people who are feeling alone and isolated. Don’t miss this opportunity to join our expert, Rachel Calder, Assistant Director of Learning and Development at Samaritans, in conversation with career coach and training consultant Joseph Grech to find out how to support employees in the long-term and promote emotional wellbeing at work. The webinar will be incredibly useful to all of us

Topics under discussion include:

  • How to encourage people to open up particularly when they don’t want to share their emotional health struggles with HR?
  • Practical guidance on how to spot the early warning signs
  • Listening without judgement or pressure
  • Guidance for line managers to support their teams
  • Tips on keeping people connected to their organisation
  • Strategies to help people thrive when they are working from home
  • Building resilience levels and prioritising your own wellbeing.

We look forward to welcoming you once again to our
HR Learning Bites series.

About Our Experts

Rachel is Assistant Director of Learning and Development at Samaritans.  She manages a team designing and delivering internal learning for Samaritans’ 20,000 listening volunteers and 200 staff, as well as Samaritans’ external learning offering.  Samaritans’ external learning team deliver training to organisations through courses such as: ‘Conversations with Vulnerable People’, ‘Managing Suicidal Conversations’ and ‘Building Resilience and Wellbeing’, as well as creating bespoke training and eLearning for organisations.  To date, Samaritans has delivered training to over 700 companies. Prior to working at Samaritans, Rachel worked as a freelance learning consultant and before that in Learning and Development roles at Nestlé, Canon and John Lewis.

Assistant Director of Learning and Development, Samaritans


Assistant Director of Learning and Development, Samaritans
Career Coach & Training Consultant


Career Coach & Training Consultant

Joseph is an accredited coach and trainer, and his expertise lies in supporting and challenging people to get unstuck, achieve their goals and unlock their potential. He is extremely passionate about leadership development and has a wealth of experience in L&D across a range of industries globally. 

Over the last 15 years he has worked alongside leaders and managers supporting them make positive changes in the way they work to enhance performance.  Throughout his career he has advanced in a number of roles including Training Manager for an immigration law firm and also in leadership development for Kingfisher plc, a FTSE100 organisation.

He has also managed people and teams for most of his career and found that building accountability and trust is key to their success. Apart from running his own coaching and leadership development consultancy, Joseph is involved in the design and delivery of CIPD and ICF Coach Training Programmes. 

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Emotional Wellbeing at Work
How Best to Support Employees Who Are Struggling

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