The 20% Off-The-Job Training Explained HR Apprenticeships

As experienced HR Apprenticeship providers, we are often asked by employers about the 20 per cent off-the-job training requirement and how this will affect their business.

The policy, which requires apprentices in all sectors to spend overall one fifth of their working time on learning activities, is cited by many as being the single biggest barrier to Apprenticeship recruitment.

This need not be the case. Much of the concern is as a result of confusion about what off-the-job training actually means and as leaders in HR and L&D, we want to change that perception.

Investment in a Better-Skilled Workforce

Approved as a main RoATP provider in January 2018, Watson Martin works both with companies which pay into the levy and in collaboration with other training providers to deliver HR and L&D Levels 3 and 5 Apprenticeship programmes nationally. We have also recently launched our Level 5 HR and L&D Public Apprenticeship schemes in Central London which supports individual employees who want to follow the HR or L&D Apprenticeship study route.

Download our latest quick guide to understand how the 20 percent off-the-job training requirements affect your business.

A Quick Guide to Understanding the 20% Off-The-Job Training Requirement


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