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Watson Martin Partnership is a trusted learning partner with years of experience of designing and delivering bespoke programmes for individuals and corporate clients.  We continuously achieve exam results that are higher than the national average and we are proud of our outstanding CIPD quality assurance rating.

Years of Experience

We have years of experience designing and delivering bespoke programmes.

Get the Result

Our candidates received higher than national average results.

Quality Assured

We have an outstanding CIPD quality assurance rating.

Digital and Supported Learning

Today’s delegates expect anytime, anywhere flexible and high-quality learning containing well-organised support services. We believe that digital learning gives control of time, place, and pace to the learner and our tutors are highly qualified HR practitioners with an unrivalled level of strategic experience and professionalism.

Anytime + Anywhere

Flexible and high-quality learning.

We are here for you

We offer well-organised support services.

Highly Qualified

Our tutors are highly qualified HR practitioners.

We believe that candidates need and like to be challenged, so to move the learner from their current performance to higher performance, we provide memorable learning through structured content, with good facilitation and give delegates space for thinking to allow capacity to absorb and learn. 

Our learning programmes offer personalised, learner-centred, modular and flexible instruction that is cognitively engaging.

Courses for My Team
Courses for My Team

We recognise that no two delegates are exactly the same. They differ in the pace, readiness to learn, and how they prefer to learn – exploring information, solving problems, reflecting on their learning and self-monitoring their understanding is key.

We provide efficient learning through: engaging online videos, supporting animation, text documents, visuals, narration, and learning activities which are tracked and monitored through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Checklists and practice quizzes will allow delegates to organise, rehearse, integrate, retrieve, and retain what they have learned.

We have an excellent reputation for quality and for combining high academic standards with practical and business-focused application.


Courses for My Team

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