Our Approach

The Watson Martin Partnership approach can be explained under three key areas; deliver, mixed-mode and quality assurance:


Delivery of the qualifications utilises a mixed mode approach combining evidence of capability and existing understanding as well as acquisition of new knowledge through workshops, self-study and other developmental exercises. Candidates at all levels will work closely with an experienced and knowledgeable adviser who will guide them through the programme.

The more experienced candidates are likely to be able to present examples of things they have achieved rather than demonstrating their knowledge through written theory. Therefore we mostly recommend that candidates at the beginning of their career take a workshop based route and that more experienced candidates take either a competency or tailored route.


Every candidate is offered a free non obligatory diagnostic service. This brief consultation takes about 45 minutes and is undertaken by one of our experienced advisers. They will review your experience to date and will establish which route is most appropriate for you. Simply email your CV or job description to Rosie Waterton and we will arrange your free consultation by telephone, face to face, or Skype.

Tailoring a programme

Once diagnostics have been completed and you have decided the best route for you, your adviser will advise you on the modules or units you should undertake and provide templates for completion along with suggested reading and recommended workshops to attend.


Working with its partner Reed Learning, Watson Martin Partnership is able to utilise premises to deliver in locations across England and Wales. The number of consultants approved to deliver CIPD qualifications throughout the country means that meetings, exams and coaching sessions can genuinely be scheduled to suit you.

Programmes can also be delivered in-company. Please enquire for more details.

Project management

For complex programmes we’ll provide a dedicated consultant to act as a programme director. They will oversee every aspect of the project to ensure academic quality and alignment with your strategic goals. We’ll work with you to continuously review and refine content, delivery, and methodology based on feedback from your candidates and stake-holders.


Mixed mode refers to the variety of channels used to deliver the qualifications. Most programmes will include a mixture of the following, depending on the route you choose to take:

One to Ones

Depending on the route you are following you will have regular meetings and telephone conversations with your adviser. These meetings are to discuss and review evidence you will use to demonstrate understanding, to work on developmental exercises to gain new knowledge and to review submissions you have already made.

Tailored Developmental Exercises

Your adviser might recommend you take on some additional exercises at work to gain understanding in a new or unfamiliar area. This might involve undertaking a review of one of your organisation’s policies, sitting in on a disciplinary hearing or any number of other projects that give you insights in to HR practice you haven’t got prior experience or knowledge of.


Your adviser will give you recommended reading, topics to research and templates to complete for your chosen modules. You will discuss these with your adviser via one-to-one meetings, telephone and email.


Interactive workshops are available for most units and modules as well as revision workshops for exams at advanced level. These present content and give guidance for self-study in a refreshing interactive environment led by an experienced HR practitioner. You will have the opportunity to discuss the programme and network with other candidates at your level.

Action Learning Sets

Action learning sets allow candidates to get together to review learning and progress and discuss ideas and topics that have come out of workshops or self-study. We will facilitate these for in-company cohorts. They can be scheduled to take place a few weeks after a learning event. These involve bringing people together in a facilitated environment to reflect on what they have learnt. They’ll analyse what they have applied in their role, what they still need to learn and whether they’ve achieved their stated objectives.

Peer Mentoring

For in-company cohorts we may recommend partnering candidates with a peer mentor. This gives them the opportunity to discuss progress, support one another with any concerns and to undertake job swaps to experience new elements of the HR role.

Assessment Methodology

In the main, these are not taught qualifications and assessment of the modules or units is carried out on a combination of written narrative and work based evidence that you submit, usually by completing a template. The submissions will be assessed by Watson Martin’s qualified assessors and verified by the CIPD. At advanced level there are also two exams and a research project.

Quality Assurance

We take quality assurance very seriously. We have spent years refining our processes and our methodology to ensure that every candidate gets the programme that suits them, enables them to develop as an individual and progress their learning at a pace that works for them and their organisation. We work closely with the CIPD to review our content and our assessment methodology to ensure that everything we do is in line with the very best practice for competency based qualifications.

Internal Verification

All our internal verifiers are qualified V1s and are experienced practitioners who follow high quality assurance processes to ensure we meet professional and CIPD standards.

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