How to Smash your Apprenticeship! Top Ten Tips by Andrea Moffat

We kick of National Apprenticeship Week 2022 with a daily blog by Andrea Moffat. Check back daily to pick up a new tip!

How to smash your apprenticeship

Top Tip #1

Have a plan for your apprenticeship and study journey. Remember that Continuous Professional Development (CPD) enables us to impact the workplace positively.


How to smash your apprenticeship

Top Tip #2

Make sure that you build in time for the 20% off-the-job requirement of your apprenticeship. You really do need to do this and it’s all too easy to let the other 80% take over.


Top Tip #3

‘Make friends’ with the Apprenticeship Standards and the CIPD Profession Map. Print these documents and use lots of highlighter pens to relate both to your course of study.


How to smash your apprenticeship

Top Tip #4

Tell your line manager and other colleagues what you are doing and how you are managing time during your apprenticeship. That way they’ll be much more likely to support your off-the-job training time.


Top Tip #5

Take every opportunity to reflect and record your learning in your journal entries. It’s all too easy to let this slip and before you know it, you’ll have missed a few weeks. Relate your journal entries to the Apprenticeship Standard.


Top Tip #6

Put a plan in place for logging the off-the-job training on OneFile, whether you schedule in ten minutes every day, or longer on a weekly basis, but find a way that works for you. By regularly updating you’ll avoid having to spend a painful number of hours trying to remember all the learning that has taken place and logging these at the end!


Top Tip #7

Be a collaborative learner in your cohort and in the business. Engage with stakeholders far and wide and tell them about your units and assignments to gain their insight.


Top Tip #8

Be honest and open about your challenges and achievements. Don’t be afraid to ask your personal tutor and cohort members questions. Learn that it’s a strength to share vulnerabilities as this enables learning and growth.


Top Tip #9

Get involved in and engage with the cohort WhatsApp group and wider discussion forums on Watson Martin’s VLE. These are very useful so jump in and get involved!

Top Tip #10

Don’t neglect yourself. You are your number one priority.  And, finally don’t forget to enjoy your apprenticeship!