Adviser Showcase: Dianne Johnson

Our advisers are very special individuals with an abundance of industry experience and a genuine interest in the development of others. Each one of them works hard to support their CIPD candidates and apprentices throughout every step of their qualification and the feedback we receive on Coursecheck is testament to the superb advice they provide.  Our advisers really do ensure our business retains that personal touch, something we know candidates greatly value. This regular feature publicly recognises their contribution to your CIPD success!

Dianne Johnson

We asked Dianne Johnson, our Consultant based in Merseyside, for her advice on achieving that all important CIPD qualification along with what she loves most about her job.

Dianne’s top tips for CIPD success …

  • If you stick with the programme it sticks with you! This was the advice from my old CIPD tutor Peter Cureton, now a CIPD author, meaning keep focused, do your studying in chunks as you go along, and don’t leave it to the last minute.
  • Make sure you have a plan and always have a block of time in the week when you can study without being disturbed.
  • Attend any planned workshops or events and do your reading.
  • Read the question and answer it well, don’t try and answer the question you would like it to be! Even if you have found the most fantastic piece of research include it only if it is relevant to the question.
  • Read and understand the command words in the question. Are you being asked to describe, analyse or critically evaluate and respond accordingly?
  • Always read the grade descriptors for each question and understand what the assessor will be looking for before you start your answer.

About Dianne

Dianne began her career as a junior litigation solicitor specialising in employment law and moved into HR after having children. She worked as a Learning and Development Consultant for 13 years gaining experience in different industry sectors including warehousing, insurance, television broadcasting, law, and recruitment.

Working with vocational qualifications in a private industry capacity inspired Dianne to qualify as a teacher. She moved into Further Education as a lecturer at St Helens College in the North West, quickly progressing to management in roles including Curriculum Manager and Head of School. Here she was also the programme lead for CIPD, using her experience and knowledge from industry to support her teaching. She has spent the last 14 years specialising in lecturing at CIPD Levels 5 and Level 7 and Law degree units.

Having recently gained a master’s degree in Education, Dianne is passionate about the art of learning.  She was attracted to Watson Martin by the expertise that exists in our advisory team and enjoys being part of a community of practice where she can bounce off ideas. But what she loves most about her job is developing the academic skills and careers of the students she works with, many of whom she has seen progress from CIPD Level 3 to Level 7 and their subsequent climb up the professional ladder.

Out of work Dianne is busy with family life and enjoys doing triathlons.