Create your career cocktail

Mix and Match Old and New CIPD Qualifications to fit your Career Needs

A career in the people profession offers long‐term options and a huge variety of roles within twelve career areas. You could be involved in recruiting or coaching employees one day, or helping your company decide how employees should be rewarded the next.   At Watson Martin we can create a unique programme just for you that includes units from both the existing and new CIPD qualifications to make your very own transition Diploma.

  • Perhaps you want to improve your job prospects for a senior HR or L&D role by becoming fully CIPD qualified?
  • Are you looking to top up from an existing Level 7 Certificate or Award you have already completed to the full Advanced Diploma?

Our team of advisers have responded to a myriad of different questions and can help you navigate your way through the right combination of modules to start or continue your Level 7 journey!  New 2021 qualifications introduced by the CIPD cover different specialisms, ways of working and priorities which have emerged over the last decade. As a result, qualifications such as the CIPD Advanced Certificate in HR and a range of level 7 Awards will only be available to those who enrol with us before 30th July 2021.

The good news is that although the pre 2021 qualifications are being phased out, they are still very much worth achieving, particularly if you want to become professionally qualified at level 7 in the fastest time possible.

The even better news is depending on your choice of modules; it is possible for you to transition from the old to the new CIPD qualifications with us.  This means you can begin your studies with an Advanced Certificate in HR and shape your programme around your professional needs, selecting the modules best suit your future career and then top up to the full new Diploma, as our example explains:

  • Enrol on the CIPD Advanced Certificate in Human Resources Fast Track 100% online programme before 30th July to take advantage of our current discounts.
  • Select four modules: Managing Employment Relations, Reward Management, Resourcing and Talent Management and Employment Law.
  • Complete the Advanced Certificate (4 modules) within four to eight months along and achieve Associate CIPD membership.
  • Top-up by transitioning to the new Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management and complete your Level 7 qualification with no exams.

It is not a case of one size fits all! Because of the mix and match nature of the transition diploma we are offering, plus the lengths we go to in order to tailor to an individual’s needs, we strongly recommend you call us for a no obligation consultation. We are happy to help and can answer any questions that you may have.

Furthermore, if you have already achieved a part qualification with an award for one or more modules, we have special prices for you to top up.  Not all modules provide exemptions in the new Advanced Diploma.  If you are in this situation or are unsure, do call us to discuss this further.   Our advisers are on hand to take your call and will help you plan a flexible programme to suit your needs.

There are several key reasons why we are recommending these pre-2021 Level 7 qualifications to potential candidates:

  • Your last chance to undertake an Award or a Certificate. This allows you to ‘test’ how the qualification works for you before committing to the full Diploma and they are a great way of enhancing your knowledge in specific areas to give your career a quick boost.
  • Gain Associate level membership in a little as 4 to 8 months when completing the Advanced Certificate. The CIPD membership is highly recognised by employers and will enhance your credentials.
  • If you prefer studying for exams rather than writing coursework, then the current Advanced Certificate or Diploma might suit you better. There are no exams in the new CIPD Level 7 qualifications.
  • Last but not least, we have some great discounts which are only available on our pre-2021 qualifications!

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Please get in touch and we can talk you through your programme. Don’t forget all pre-2021 CIPD qualifications are only available until 30th July so there is no time to waste!

Call one of our CIPD specialist mixologists today on 020 7932 2760!