Five Reasons Why You Should Join the People Profession

It is recognised that the greatest asset of any business is its people.  Now more than ever before organisations are experiencing a constantly changing environment. In this fast-moving world, understanding what motivates individuals and teams to perform at their best has never been more important, which is why joining the people profession is such an interesting and rewarding career. With a variety of roles to choose from and great earning potential there has never been a better time to become part of the people profession.  Here are five reasons why such a career might be right for you!

A wide range of career options to follow

The people profession includes many different roles from generalists in Human Resources, who perform a variety of functions, to experts who provide detailed advice in specific areas such as employment law or reward and talent management.  You could be involved in Learning and Development (L&D) to help people reach their full potential or become a specialist in Organisation Development and Design (OD&D). Whichever path you choose, the industry offers long-term options and very often a degree of flexibility.  Read our individual case studies.

Working to support people

It goes without saying that people are at the heart of every business.  Creating a culture where individuals understand their roles and feel they belong is an important aspect of a career in the people industry.   Attracting the right individuals to the organisation is just the start.  Helping them develop and progress so they can perform to the best of their abilities and build long-term careers in the company are key functions of our business. CIPD research shows that most people professionals derive a strong sense of purpose from their work.

Well-defined career progression

The people profession offers well defined career progression with many starting their career in a relatively junior position as an HR or L&D assistant and climbing the ladder to director level. A CIPD qualification in HR or L&D along with Associate CIPD Membership will improve your skills and knowledge and ensure your CV gets noticed when applying for new roles. However, it is not always necessary to have a traditional background in the industry to achieve professional success.  Experience in strategy, operations or finance can be an advantage particularly in senior HR positions.

Work anywhere and in any sector

You need no sector specific expertise to be a people professional – your organisational skills and knowledge will be required whichever industry you choose to work in either at home or internationally. HR gives you a passport to get right across any organisation. And the good news is that a CIPD professional qualification is recognised throughout the world, so you won’t need to retrain to obtain that job in HR or L&D overseas.

Great job satisfaction

Working in the people profession provides lots of variety and high job satisfaction. There’s always lots going on and every week is different. You could be working with the Board to develop new employee engagement practices one day while analysing data to design an attractive director level remuneration package the next. With almost every company big and small needing people professionals to help manage the business, one thing is clear the industry is poised for growth. And, with the chance to earn a competitive salary over time, now is a good time to enter the profession.

How to be an HR Influencer

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