Watson Martin rolls out HR and L&D Apprenticeships for individuals

New public programme launches in September

Leading HR and L&D training specialists Watson Martin today announced the launch of its Level 5 HR and L&D Apprenticeship programmes for individuals.  Both programmes will kick off on 30 September and will be open to apprentices from levy paying organisations.

An RoATP provider since January 2018, Watson Martin is already successfully delivering HR and L&D Apprenticeship programmes to cohorts from levy paying organisations and in collaboration with other training providers.  The move to extend the initiative to individuals is in response to demand from companies that have HR and L&D apprentices to train but not in sufficient numbers to have their own in-house programme.

“If your organisation is already paying into the Apprenticeship levy then it makes absolute sense to use this money to develop your workforce,” commented Sharon White, who leads the Watson Martin Apprenticeship business with Director Heather Watson.

“However, we know from experience that there are many companies that either don’t have the numbers for their own in-house scheme or are reluctant to have their HR staff away from their roles at the same time for the 20 percent off-the job-training requirement of Apprenticeships.  Our Level 5 public programmes are a fantastic way to utilise your levy and upskill small groups or individual L&D and HR apprentices,” she added”

Apprentices who join the programme in September can achieve their Level 5 CIPD Certificate or Diploma leading to Associate membership within 18 months.  During this time they will be supported by one-to-one meetings with a personal adviser, attend a range of workshops and webinars and have 24/7 access to a wealth of online materials via Watson Martin’s Virtual Learning Environment.  Other features include pastoral support, workbooks written by subject matter experts, regular reviews and online access to an Apprenticeship community network.

The programmes are all delivered flexibly and apprentices will develop their skills and knowledge without spending too much time away from the workplace.

“Individual apprentices with Watson Martin will undertake some of their training via workshops and live webinars but much of it will be online or at their desk or workspace,” Sharon added.

Watson Martin plans to offer Level 3 HR and L&D Apprenticeship programmes for individuals later this year.

To find out more about Watson Martin’s HR and L&D Apprenticeships  for individuals please contact our specialist advisers on 020 7932 2760.  An overview of a typical level 5 HR or L&D apprentice journey is here.