Getting CIPD qualified to achieve my career goals by Matt Griffiths

A move overseas presented Matt Griffiths with the ideal opportunity to study for a CIPD Level 5 Certificate in HR Management and achieve his goal to change career.  Now having notched up the qualification in record time with Watson Martin Partnership, he is looking forward to returning to the UK and finding an HR position which will provide him with valuable hands on experience and the chance to support the learning and development of others.

Here he explains how Watson Martin Partnership helped him to gain the CIPD Intermediate Certificate whilst he was living on the other side of the world!

Matt’s story

When Matt Griffiths was looking for a graduate job after university, he knew that he wanted to work in the Music industry and jumped at the chance to join the accounts team of Warner Music in London. Nearly ten years and a series of promotions within the company’s finance department, he realised that he was happier managing people than cash flows. With his wife Gillian taking a new job based in Singapore with Deloitte, Matt had the opportunity to study for a CIPD qualification to help him secure his future career change.

WMP’s flexible payment plan

“I knew that without any relevant experience it would be essential for me to have a qualification in HR to improve my chances of getting a job. As it was difficult for me to find work in Singapore because of the employment restrictions placed on foreign workers, I started looking for a course soon after we arrived on the island.  I found Watson Martin Partnership online and spoke to an adviser to get more information and to determine the right level of qualification for me.  She was really helpful and we had a good chat for about 40 minutes when I asked heaps of questions.  As I was self-funding, WMP’s flexible payment plan was very important and I also wanted to ensure that I would get a lot of support from my tutor even though I wasn’t in the UK.  The distance learning CIPD qualification absolutely suited all my requirements.  I started the course at the end of April 2016 and finished it about seven or eight months later.

Totally supportive tutor

“I was very motivated and I really enjoyed doing the assignments.  As soon as I started speaking to my personal tutor Melinda Allison I realised that she knew her stuff like the back of her hand and this gave me confidence.  If I was going off at a tangent she would quickly bring me back to think along the right lines.  As a result there were no horrible shocks when I handed in my assignments.

“We arranged our Skype calls every three to four weeks before an assignment when I would be squirrelling down notes but there was also communication through email when she would always respond quickly.  She was totally supportive.

“With not having an HR background, I had to write more of my assignments around theory although there were some elements of my previous job particularly recruitment, which prompted my interest in HR in the first place, that I could use.

Very positive experience

“I had a very positive experience with Watson Martin Partnership. I liked that there was a lot of autonomy in the programme and I could complete the assignments at a pace that suited me – sometimes taking two or three weeks or two to three months. I was surprised how smoothly everything went from start to finish and how quickly we managed to get through the course. I even miss the studying now I’ve finished.”

Matt’s immediate career aim is to get a job in HR when he returns to the UK.  He hopes to find a role which is challenging, fast moving and provides some good exposure to working directly with employees. Longer term, with some HR experience under his belt, he plans to do further studying either for the Advanced Diploma or a Masters in HR Management, and ultimately hopes to be involved in workforce planning.