Another Candidate is on the Road to CIPD Qualification Success

Thinking about getting CIPD qualified but not sure which level to go for then Watson Martin Partnership can help … Deciding which CIPD qualification to sign up for can be a confusing business. With qualifications available at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels and a choice of awards, certificates or diplomas on offer plus a range of study options, the choice can be overwhelming.

Which is where Watson Martin Partnership can help.  We have a dedicated team of experienced advisers who can discuss your qualification and schedule in a 30 minute no-obligation diagnostic session to help you decide.

Heather’s Story

Choosing the Foundation Diploma was definitely the right decision for Heather, an HR Administrator who approached Watson Martin Partnership in March last year for advice on getting qualified. Now, almost a year on and about to complete the Foundation Diploma in record time, Heather believes it was the right choice.

I did consider the Intermediate qualification but I felt I wasn’t quite there yet and the practical skills developed at Foundation level were more suited to my current role,” she explains.

“Studying has enhanced my experience and knowledge about HR and I now know what is expected to achieve a good job on specific tasks.”

When It All Started

It was an online careers psychometric test at university which first sparked Heather’s interest in HR and after completing her degree, she started applying for graduate positions. She has been in her current job for three years and, having started with no HR experience, she now feels confident enough to make decisions and achieve her potential in the role.

Being an HR Administrator is quite a generalist experience. I don’t have a specialism but I do get involved in a wide range of HR duties anything from recording absences to compiling monthly reports or providing advice on employment issues,”

CIPD Programme – The Right Choice for HR

Heather says. “When I started in the job I had no knowledge of HR and so it has been quite a steep learning curve. Luckily I have a manager who is very supportive and as well as providing on the job training, she has encouraged my personal development through the CIPD programme. Having had experience in the role and through the Foundation qualification, I now have a good understanding of how a business operates, its functions and values, and the background and purpose of HR.

I can comfortably and confidently explain why HR is an important function in any business.

I am really glad that I chose Watson Martin to complete the qualification. I have attended workshops over the last few months to support the modules I was studying and they were all very useful and interesting. I was also given access to the Virtual Learning Environment including all the content and slides from the day along with a workbook I could download. The VLE has loads of recommended reading material which is particularly helpful for the modules that are not accompanied by workshops.”

“My adviser, Michelle McLaughlin has also been very supportive and, during the course of the programme, has given me constructive feedback on how to improve going forward and praising me when I have done good work which as a student is encouraging,” she adds.

Heather’s Advice

Juggling work and study can be tricky and Heather ensured she made time for learning by dedicating specific weekends to read around the modules. She is also a self-motivator so with an understanding manager and an accessible adviser she has found the studying very manageable.

Heather’s advice to anyone considering thinking about undertaking a CIPD qualification is this:

Think first about your experience and where you are in your career to make sure that the qualification is the right level.  Also consider the mode of study. I would really recommend the active learning route rather than distance learning as this provides you with an opportunity for networking with people in the same profession through attending workshops.”

What Next

Looking to the future, Heather is hoping to move up the ranks and would like to specialise in an area such as recruitment but in the meantime she is concentrating on completing the Foundation Diploma.  As to further study,

I haven’t ruled it out but I would like to give myself a break first”, she laughs.