Watson Martin Partnership Exam Results 2015 – We did it again!

In this short interview, Melanie Martin explains the Reed Business School working through Watson Martin Partnership winning formula that helps so many achieve their CIPD qualifications.

Exam results at Watson Martin Partnership (WMP) have again exceeded the national average.  The CIPD Advanced ‘Human Resources Management in Context’ and ‘Leading, Managing and Developing People’ results published on Friday 4th December 2015 are a tribute to the highly motivated and hardworking candidates, supported by a dedicated, highly qualified team of advisers.

So why are your success rates so consistently high?

Our reputation for supporting candidates is a key reason why HR professionals and corporate clients choose WMP.  Candidates are very busy people, often balancing a demanding career with studying for post-graduate qualifications.  We understand the competing demands on our candidates’ time. Through the combination of workshops, one-to-one meetings and ‘Exams and Revision Support’ on our VLE, candidates are able to tailor their revision around their work and busy schedules. The flexibility and support we offer our candidates is why they have achieved, yet again, such amazing results,”

says Melanie Martin, Managing Partner at WMP.

At WMP we are also aware that some of our candidates may have been out of an academic environment for a long time.  We therefore tailor our support to the needs of each individual. Each candidate has their own adviser, who will support them throughout their studies and exam preparation.  Advisers, along with the candidate, devise study plans, set targets for the submission of assessments and provide formative and summative feedback on assessments.  Advisers also provide feedback on practise papers and assessments.  We also have an exam team who, since the advanced qualifications were introduced have experience derived from 15 successive cohorts.

But isn’t that what all CIPD centres do?

The combination of academic and evidence based assessment is very much the ethos of WMP.  At WMP we value the experience and the competency, which candidates develop in their working lives.  We encourage them to draw on the knowledge, skills and experience they have gained as HR practitioners in all their assessments.  This approach also helps with the practical application required in exams.

What makes WMP different to the other providers?

Our team of advisers are all CIPD Chartered Fellows or Chartered Members and above, who have also held senior HR practitioner roles.  The whole team, including the two Managing Partners support candidates from a range of sectors, which helps keep our knowledge refreshed.  We are experienced in developing high quality materials and designing interactive workshops.  We receive excellent feedback from our workshops and it is this high-quality provision, which contributes to our candidates performing so well in exams.  The exam results are proof that our candidates can draw upon evidence-based arguments, supported with real-life work examples, which the CIPD team of external examiners consistently look for when marking papers.

So do you guarantee that your candidates will pass?

We don’t have 100% success but do provide the necessary support to people who have not achieved a pass and the vast majority pass next time.

We ensure that candidates, throughout their qualification are familiar with CIPD’s Generic Assessment Criteria.  Candidates are therefore able in their exams to equally demonstrate ‘business orientation’ and ‘application ability’ combined with the ‘knowledge and understanding’ to ‘challenge both theory and research on one hand’ and ‘corporate policies and practices on the other’.  Our candidates, throughout their studies and assessments, develop their ability to communicate effectively, write persuasively, ‘draw conclusions about debates and issues in the fields of HRM’ and provide practical solutions to organisational problems.  This again, pays dividends in the exams.

So you believe you have the winning formula?

WMP employ subject matter experts and our overriding philosophy is to ensure high quality products and services, offering students a personalised service with as much flexibility as possible to adapt the programme to suit their study patterns.  We engage people as active learners, sharing their ideas and discussing their different perspectives as they learn and we believe these important elements to our ‘winning formula’.

Candidates need and like to be challenged, so, to move the learner from their current performance to higher performance, WMP provide memorable learning through structured content, with good facilitation, which provides space for thinking and capacity to absorb and learn. Our personalised, learner-centred, modular and flexible tuition is cognitively engaging and encourages continuing professional development (CPD).  All candidates are motivated to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of professional standards and best practice, be able to identify the relevance in their own organisation and identify gaps in their own competence, which is then included in their CPD.